Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance(eg alcohol,cocaine,nocotine) or engages in an activity(eg gambling,shopping) that provides pleasure but its continuation can lead to its habit and disruption of normal daily life activities.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse people began taking drugs or any other substance to feel good and release stress.Drug addiction is a chronic disease in which the person is unable to leave the addiction he or she is carrying.They get dependent on it.It becomes as necessary as water.Without that addiction they are unable to survive.

Addiction is a treatable condition.But the problem here is they are aware that it is causing harm to them but unable to stop it.Here medications play a very important role.Medicines are used to control drug cravings and these must be given under medical supervision only.

Family support is very important in this treatment.Family members can play a vital role in helping the person to recover from addiction.They should get love and appreciation and they should not feel any kind of discrimination.

Family members should motivate him/her to use his/her willpower.Constant support is a must in order to recover from this addiction.Its very easy to recover in a positive environment rather than in a negative environment.

Some tips on dealing with an addicted person are as follows-

  • Speak to the person and slowly convince him/her not to take drugs or any other substance which is creating this condition.
  • Don’t preach but let them know the side effects of taking drugs or engaging in a substance/activity.
  • Support them fully to leave this addiction completely.It all depends on the will power of the person.
  • Become their supporter rather than critic.
  • Avoid cursing,blaming or shouting to that person.
  • Instead become a friend to them.And help them in every step.